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The right to choose

Kharkiv public organization
rehabilitation center for disabled people and theirs family members.
Adress: Kirgizskaya 10, phone (+38 067)418-32-09,
e-mail pravovibora@ukr.net

We invite all those concerned, with it creative people for cooperation with the Center.

Our work -it is inspiration with idea and enthusiasm, satisfaction from the success achieved by own forces and laborious work. We are glad to achievements and grateful to vital lessons.
With us you will get the experience and acquire new skills: an ability to work in a team, to make decisions and attract people to you, ability to establish new business contacts and support the old ones.

we start registration to Internet competition

from 15 march till 15 aprile 2012 we will register people who whants to take part in Internet competiton from Microsoft.з 15 березня по 15 квітня 2012 поченається збір робот на участь у конкурсі microsoft


Very big win

More then 50 teachers of school for the children with vision dificulties graduated  from our computer cources. it is a very big win!


we start everyyear action "give the joy of game to a special child"

28  may 2009 year we start everyyear action "give the joy of game to a special child".


Let's give th joy of game to special child

From 12 May to 28 May, 2009 Kharkov Center Rehabilitation of Young disabilities and families "The right of choice" is taking place everyyear act of support to the day protection for children - "give Joy of games to a special child."


Declares a set of "Mommy school"

Dear parents!
Dials in international summer school parent skill for families who educate blind children of preschool age.
This year's "School Mom" will traditionally be held from July 1 to July 15 at the National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities "Ukraine" (Evpatoria). Ukraine to be able to attend 10 families.
  Free for enrollment can be obtained by pravovibora@ukr.net



Happy New Year!

Our dear friends!
Thanks to everyone who was with us this year, thanks for the support and assistance.
Without you, everything that was done this year, it would be unthinkable.
We wish in the coming New Year, especially health!
  Joy, happiness and prosperity in the family, good cheer and optimism, blessed Christmas season and fulfill all your desires in the New Year!


St. Nicholas hurry us!

   Dear kids!
   St. Nicholas has already collected his bag with gifts
and invites you to
December 19 at 10:30
in the center of "The Right Choice"
(Street Kyrgyz 10)
tell us about your good deeds.
Offers contests, puzzles, fun games and gifts!



13 November - International Day of blind people

November 13 - International Day of blind people , attracts public attention on one of the most difficult problems of our time. According to the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness , about 284 million people have vision problems , of which 39 million do not see at all. Eye diseases affect more than 19 million children.
November 13 is chosen by chance as another reminder of the day that we live among the people for whom the world is closed colors and shapes. This is - the birthday of the great French tiflopedagoga Hauy Valenti ( 1745 - 1822 ) .


"Feel tale"

Kharkov, July 1


Create Braille Books For 1000 Blind Children

Our dear supporters and friends!
First of all, we’d like to thank you again for your support! Due to your financial support more than 1000 visually challenged children will get an opportunity to read Braille books with tactile pictures, just like their peers.
Kharkiv rehabilitation Center “Pravo Vibora” is happy to inform you that our project “Create Braille Books For 1000 Blind Children” has already started and we are on the research and development stage.

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