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Pravo vibora

Kharkiv public organization
rehabilitation center for disabled people and theirs family members.
Adress: Kirgizskaya 10, phone (+38 067)418-32-09,
e-mail pravovibora@ukr.net

Let's give th joy of game to special child

From 12 May to 28 May, 2009 Kharkov Center Rehabilitation of Young disabilities and families "The right of choice" is taking place everyyear act of support to the day protection for children - "give Joy of games to a special child."
funds aimed at the collection for Kharkov families to attend the blind children erly age, with aditional disease (Violation hearing, musculoskeletal , speech, Delay development) in international summer school of pearents mastership "mothers School" in rehabilitation Centre "Ukraine" (July 2009., G .. Evpatoriya). in project Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belorussiawill participate.
Today us who do not doubts , something Soil Features in early childhood, and therefore, birth. But the moment, when the family learn , something in the child s development severe Violation kryzysnыm for Most parents. This is sirios emotianal shock light output family members . THEY become not ready to give education for this child. Parents need to learn special methods of education and disabled child adaptation for the society. during project 10 families from the Kharkiv region will get necessery knowledge of education for children with development abuse, exchange Experience with different parents Returns on the coast of the Black Sea andwill get correct assistance in individually DEVELOPMENT from international group of specialists.
To attend the school we needed Collect 65 thousand. grn.
28.05.09 at 11.00 on the territory of the Kharkiv school for the blindth. named by Korolenko (d .. Kharkov, UL. Sumskaya, 55).