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Pravo vibora

Kharkiv public organization
rehabilitation center for disabled people and theirs family members.
Adress: Kirgizskaya 10, phone (+38 067)418-32-09,
e-mail pravovibora@ukr.net


Summer travelling school of parents’ techniques “Mother’s school”. Long term objectives of the project: Overcoming of the negative stereotypes and changing attitude of the society toward visually-disabled people. Short-term objectives of the project: changing parents’ attitude toward visually-disabled children by increasing their awareness about the features of development and upbringing of such children, and their potential chances to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities; creating international partnership In solving problems of children with disabilities.

Services of center « school of tolerance» will get children and young people with functional limitations in age from 7 to 35 years and those healthy friends of the Kharkov district (over 250 persons).
In the Kharkov district in direction of decision of problem of adaptation and social rehabilitation of children and young people with functional limitations the Kharkov district center of social services works for families, children and young people, clubs domiciliary, but they do not have skilled potential material and technical possibilities in relation to the grant of high-quality modern services a social-psychology rehabilitation and organization of rich in content leisure to the children and young people with the limited possibilities of health.

"Special tale" is creation of cycle of psychological employments for blind children.
The world of blind Child differs the world of his coevals which can see. How he come in this world? How he can find his place? Who will fill his life by bright paints, forms, sizes? Who will teach him to smile and frown, glad and get along at the negative emotions? In fact 90% people get information through sight. But it does not mean that the internal world of child with hard violations is poor. The bright live in live, sounds, different smells, barely perceptible shades and specks of light. He riches of feelings – touches, puffs. It depends on at surrounding a little blind child heartfelt warmth, patience, wisdom, is enough.
In our project we spare the special attention forming of psychological features of personality of blind children: emotions, communicability and tolerance.

The project is directed on teaching parents and volonters making of taktil manuals and books for blind children. Each of participants will make one taktil book in a gift to the Kharkov center of early help families which educate children with heavy violations of sight « The Right of Choice».
A problem of adaptation of blind children in the world of seeng people is very actual and difficult. If the blind child will begin to cognize this world, than completer he knows him by that time, when will go out into school, and will learn to read on Brayl, his live will be easier. It can help by the special editions — taktil books-toys for blind children. Such books will help to enrich sensory experience of child with heavy violations to extend his knowledges about outward things. Abroad making of taktil books, it is put, in a manner of speaking, on a stream. For the students of artistic colleges arrange seminars, on which tell how it is needed to do taktil books.

A competition is founded in 2003 within the framework of realization the Grant of President of Ukraine for the gifted young people.
The purpose of competition is a search of young talents and their support, assistance perfection of professional trade, in the different types of art, overcoming of negative stereotypes of public, in relation to people with disability.
And determination of winners and students participants a professional judges which the leading specialists of the industry enter in the complement of selects – the Kharkov poets, prose writers, interpreters, journalists, singers, musicians, composers, artists, actors, are known choreographers and masters of dekoration art, publicmen.
Within the framework gala-concert will be rewarding of winners in such nominations:


Nowadays in large experience of complex help the children of the first years of life is the world accumulated with violations of development and their seed. Direction which got the name of "Lekoteka" has the special history (from Swedish "leko"–"toy" and "tek" –"collection"). First Lekoteka was founded on initiative parents and teachers in Stockholm in 1963 on the base of university clinic and pursued the purpose of playing support of sick child. First American Lekoteka, that became National Center of Lekotek afterwards, opened the doors in Evanston (Illinois) in 1980 year. Now there is the unfolded network of Lekotek in the USA – resource centers which serve thousands of children with the problems of development and their families. Purpose of Lekotek – support of children with violations at development and their families for the facilitation of including of children in the complete spectrum of domestic and public life.

"Steps of Overcoming" is a center of early help to family which educate children with heavy violations of sight.
In Kharkiv from statistical data there are over 100 families which educate children with heavy violations of sight in age from birth to the 6 years.
As known, child mastering life through the experience of public life and social relations, place is taken through the different types of studies, which needs visual perception, as foresees a supervision and imitation the conduct of adults.

In higher educational establishments, colleges, school-internats in Kharkov over 1380 students study with the special necessities. Daily these people run into various difficulties in particular with disparity of resource base of educational establishments to the features of their health and absence for the teachers of knowledge’s in relation to the features of work with such students.
Single higher educational isn’t establishment in Kharkov, on our information, does not have the specialized or adapted modern hard wares for students with the heavy defects of sight.